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6 Rules Every Roulette Player Should Know

It’s only natural for traditional casino players to think that playing online roulette is easy. You just have to pick a number or a proposition bet and just see what happens if you win or lose.

Of course, that’s roulette in a nutshell. However, there is more to it than that. There are rules, for example.

In this blog post, we’ll be talking about the six rules that you should know before playing roulette.

All About Roulette Chips

Roulette chips can sometimes look a bit different than chips of other games. So, make sure you check your chips because they might mix up the different bets of players. As a side note, roulette chips tend to be more colorful than other chips. Another way to keep your chips from getting mixed is by talking to the dealer about it visit company website.

When Does the Betting Begin?

After cashing in, you will now have your roulette chips given to you by the dealer. You will then see a small object sitting on the table. It’s what determines the winning bets. When you see the dealer removing it, it’s time for you to start betting.

How to Bet After Making a Decision

There are different bets, so you need to take different actions for each bet. For betting inside bets, you just put your chips on the numbers you choose. When it comes to a proposition such as a column and dozens bet, you’ll see their own place in the layout. You just have to put your chips there.

roulette machine - 6 Rules Every Roulette Player Should Know

When Does the Betting End?

You already know the indication of when the betting begins, but what about its ending? The dealer will spin the wheel even while bets are being made. The indication is pretty obvious with this one. This is because the dealer will just have to say “No more bets.” and you have to stop betting, obviously.

How to Know if You Win

After the betting ends, you will then see if your bets win or not. This happens when the dealer calls out the number. As for proposition, they may say the color, column, and such. They will then put the small object we mentioned earlier in that winning bet and sweep the board off of all the losing bets.

How to Start Betting Again

This is just the same as the “When Does the Betting Begin” section. You will see the small object that you already know is placed there to indicate the winning bet. There should be no betting taking place if the small object is still on the table. After the dealer removes it, you will then be able to place bets again. This can go on until you want to stop betting.

If you follow these six rules, you won’t have any problem with adjusting for the game. You can play smoothly and you can easily have a consistent winning chance. If you think this is not enough to win, you may check our best roulette strategies.