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Roulette 101: The Basics of the Online Roulette

As a traditional roulette player, it can be frustrating to know that online roulette has been released and you have no idea how it works. However, it’s not as complex as it may seem on the surface.

Online roulette

There are actually the same rules, house edge, and odds as the roulette in land-based casinos. However, one difference you may notice is that the standard 8 players in the table in land-based casinos don’t apply to its online version.

There’s only one player at the table. The most noticeable difference, however, is that you can enjoy playing roulette without leaving your home.

Online roulette has two main types: American roulette and European roulette. They differ in various concepts. One difference is the number of zero slots at the roulette wheel.

The American roulette wheel consists of two zero slots: the double zero (00) and the single zero (0) while the European version consists of only one zero slot. They also differ in the number distribution at the wheels.

It may not seem like there are significant changes due to these differences, but there is. In European roulette, the house edge may only be 3%. However, due to the double zero, the house edge in the American version becomes double that, which is 6%.

Thus, we recommend online gamblers and roulette players to choose European if ever you want to start playing and increasing your chances of winning.

Besides the factors we’ve talked about before, what are the other differences you may find in European Roulette and American Roulette?

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What’s the Difference?

There are actually many variations of online roulette. However, the American and European versions are the main types due to their popularity. However, before you start playing either one of them, take note that there are many things you should definitely know.

Differences such as rules, strategy, and the house edge we talked about earlier can determine whether you win or lose. At MTG Game, we’ve played both and we’re here to discuss the difference we’ve noticed.

European Roulette

European Roulette has been around longer than American Roulette and it is regarded as the original game. The house edge is around 2.7% due to the single zero.

American Roulette

The American Roulette has two zeros with the addition of double zero (00). Thus, very few players can walk away with profit nowadays.

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Which Should You Pick?

The sad reality is that the double zero (00) is only going to reduce your chances of winning. So, it would be better if you play European roulette instead of the American version.

These are the things you need to know about online roulette. There are two types and the European version is the better of the two. If you want to play the American roulette, you may need to learn more strategies on MTG Game.